The Top 25 Instagram Questions (2023) – You Need to Know!

In a world where social media reigns supreme, Instagram stands as a shining star, captivating the hearts, minds, and thumbs of users worldwide. From doggy influencers to avant-garde art, Instagram has it all. But it’s not just the stunning visuals that intrigue us; the curious queries often find their way into our search bars. So, buckle up as we embark on an illuminating journey to answer the top 25 questions the world is Googling about Instagram! Let’s dive in and sprinkle some insights and a dash of humour.

the 25 Instagram questions

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1. Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?


No, Seriously! Ever been caught red-handed (or, in this case, screenshot-handed)? Fret not! Instagram lets you discreetly grab screenshots without sounding the alarm bells for the content creator. So, feel free to capture that epic meme and share it with your pals without causing an online uproar.

2. How to Mute Someone on Instagram? Because Silence is Golden!


We’ve all encountered the oversharing friend who posts more stories than there are hours in a day. But fear not! Instagram’s “mute” feature is here to save your sanity. Muting someone means enjoying your scrolling session in peace without their relentless cat videos flooding your feed.

3. Who Has the Most Instagram Followers? It’s Not You, Sorry!


Drumroll, please! Suiii! Christiano Ronaldo, @cristiano, holds the crown for the most followers on Instagram. But remember, the follower count race is a marathon, not a sprint. So, who knows who might steal the throne next?

4. How to Clear Instagram Cache? Because Memory Lane Gets Crowded!


You know that sneaky cache that hides in the corners of your app, cluttering your digital closet? Fear not; you can give it the boot! Navigate through Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache on Android. iOS comrades, uninstall and reinstall the app to provide a clean slate.

5. How to Know if Someone Screenshots My Instagram Story? Sherlock Holmes Mode On!


Worried that your artfully arranged avocado toast pic might be getting more attention than you thought? Breathe easy – Instagram keeps the screenshot process ninja-level discreet. So, rest assured that your followers can appreciate your brunch masterpiece without you being none the wiser.

6. How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram? The Unfollow Detectives Unite!


We’ve all been there – you thought you were tight with your followers, but suddenly, your count drops like a balloon losing air. While Instagram doesn’t provide the official Sherlock Holmes service for this, third-party apps can give you the scoop on who’s hitting that “unfollow” button.

7. How to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Instagram? Poof! No More Vanishing Acts!


Vanish mode – it’s like the Houdini of messaging. But what if you want your messages to stay put? Swipe up, and voilà! You’re back in the world of non-vanishing texts. Just remember, no rabbits are harmed during this manoeuvre.

8. How to Unmute Someone on Instagram? Breaking the Sound Barrier!


In the symphony of your Instagram feed, there might be a moment when you need to bring someone’s audio back into your life. Head to their profile, tap those three dots, and click “Unmute.” Soundscapes restored!

9. When Did Instagram Come Out? Instagram: The Time Traveler!


Hold onto your hashtag hats! Instagram’s grand entrance onto the digital red carpet happened on October 6, 2010. A decade-plus of double taps, filters, and unfathomable food photography followed.


10. How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story? Storytime with a Twist!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a collage can convey! Use the “Create” option and pick “Layout” to arrange your visual storytelling pieces in a single frame. Your followers will be scrolling in awe!

11. How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story? Picasso, Is That You?


Feeling artsy? Change your Instagram story background colour like a digital Picasso. Tap that brush icon, pick a hue from the palette, and press and hold your screen. Instant masterpiece!

12. How to Get Notes on Instagram? Because Captions Are So Yesterday!


Instagram has caught up to the notes trend; you can Add notes! Add notes by going to the Instagram Direct Message Section. You will see yourself with a “+” sign, allowing you to channel your inner Shakespeare and pour your thoughts into captions.

13. How to Reply to a Message on Instagram? Answering Back with Style!


Messaging 101:

  • Hold your finger on the message you want to reply to.
  • Hit that “Reply” arrow.
  • Dazzle your friends with your lightning-fast responses.

Sherlock Holmes would be proud!

14. What Does NFS Mean on Instagram? Not Just Another License Plate!


“NFS” on Instagram isn’t about fast cars or driving permits. It’s short for “Not for Sale.” So, when you spot NFS on a post, don’t expect to snag that unicorn-shaped pancake-making machine anytime soon.

15. Can You Really See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? The Big Question!


Drumroll, please, for the most anticipated Instagram question ever. The answer remains “No.” Instagram’s secret admirers remain anonymous. Cue the suspenseful music!

16. How Long Can Instagram Reels Be? The Reel Deal!


Short and snappy or a full-blown miniseries? Instagram Reels clock in at a maximum of 60 seconds. Your creativity has a minute to shine, so let those dance moves and DIY hacks come alive!

17. How to Delete Instagram Messages? The Vanishing Act Redux!


Regrettable midnight texts or just cleaning out the digital cobwebs? To vanish a message, tap and hold it, then click “Unsend.” Poof! It’s gone like it was never there.

instagram DM

18. How to Hide Followers on Instagram? The Mysteries of Follower Management!


Hiding followers? It’s not like putting your embarrassing childhood photos in a shoebox under your bed. Instagram doesn’t officially let you conceal your followers, but you can go incognito with a private account.

19. How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story? Storyboarding 101!


Got a storytelling itch that one photo can’t scratch? Enter “Layout,” the unsung hero of Instagram’s creative arsenal. Now you can weave a visual narrative with multiple images in a single story!

20. What Does CFS Mean on Instagram? Captioning with Swag!


Have you ever posted a photo that radiates swag levels off the charts? When you see “CFS” on Instagram, brace yourself for some seriously stylish captions accompanying those killer poses.

21. What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram? Digital Detour Ahead!


Restricting someone on Instagram is like sending them to a digital parallel universe. They can still interact with your posts, but their comments and direct messages take a detour to the land of “hidden.”

22. Can You Screenshot Instagram Stories? Stealthy Snaps!


Stealthy screenshot enthusiasts, rejoice! Instagram lets you capture those story moments in silent mode. But remember, share and appreciate – let’s keep the digital karma flowing! 

23. How to Pin a Comment on Instagram? Taking Center Stage!

Got a comment that deserves a standing ovation? Swipe left on that masterpiece and tap the “pin” icon. Watch your chosen comment shine in the spotlight, front and centre.

24. How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Instagram? Ghost Mode, Anyone?


Read receipts got you down? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide an official escape route from those “seen” messages. But you can always use “Do Not Disturb” mode.

25. How to Appear Offline on Instagram? Mission: Incognito!


Mission “Incognito Mode” isn’t yet part of Instagram’s official code. But you can keep a low profile by muting notifications or slipping into the “Do Not Disturb” cape.



In the grand mosaic of Instagram curiosity, these top 25 questions are but fragments. Remember, as the digital landscape evolves, so do our queries. While we’ve uncovered the answers to the top 25 Instagram questions, the online realm always has more surprises. 

So, tag along, explore, and keep those thumbs scrolling – you never know what enigmatic question might pop up next on your quest for digital enlightenment!

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